The QPC system will be unavailable for approximately 18 hours on Saturday, September 30, 2017 starting at 7:00 AM Pacific Time
to facilitate corporate network maintenance scheduled at that time. All QPC hosts will will be taken off-line and sessions will expire prior to the maintenance.
If you need to save your work, you must snapshot your QPC session before it expires. Please allow at least 4 hours of time for the snapshot to complete.
It is strongly suggested that you should begin your snapshot no later than 1pm Pacific time on Friday.
Please see the QAD System Status for full information.

-> Is the system operational? <-
Use the QAD System Status page to find out and refer to the QPC Preventive Maintenance Statement & Strategy for further information.
To get updates on the status of the QPC system via email, follow the 'How do I subscribe to email notifications?' contained in FAQ: System Status Application Documentation
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